What Our Practice is Doing to Minimize the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission

We have always been on the forefront of infection control and have maintained the attitude that every person may have a communicable disease. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic we have implemented these additional measures that go above and beyond our already stringent protocols.

  • Pre-screening all patients over the phone prior to coming into the office
  • No waiting room to avoid close contact between patients
  • Reduced patient flow by reducing the number of scheduled appointments
  • Staggered entry so patients are not checking in/out at the same time
  • Checking Temperature and Screening Questionnaire upon arrival at the office
  • Pre and post-procedure mouth rinse for all patients to reduce intra- oral viral load
  • Enhanced Personal Protective Equipment including face masks, face shields, protective gowns
  • Medical grade air purifiers throughout the office
  • Increased sterilization using hypochlorous acid mist/spray
  • Frequent common area disinfection of doorknobs, handles and other exposed surfaces throughout the day

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