Everyone should find a family dentist they can trust for dental care throughout their lives. If you need the best dentist in Midland, NC, trust our team at Matthews Family Dentistry to help. We not only want to improve the dental health of our patients but also strive to make connections with them. That’s why we like finding out what our patients’ favorite things to do around Midland are and sharing our own with them

What Makes Midland a Great Town to Live

Our Midland patients agree that they love their town. Whether you are new to Midland or have had your family in the area for generations, you can always learn something new about the region. Check out some of our top spots in and around Midland to gain a greater appreciation for your hometown.

Urban Archery Deer Season

If you love bow hunting, don’t miss out on Midland’s extended deer season within the town limits. Urban archery deer season happens at the beginning of the year, from the middle of January through the middle of February. It allows hunters to bow and hunt deer on private property within the town limits. Hunters must have written approval from the landowner before entering the property to hunt.

This opportunity benefits both hunters, who get a longer season, and the local population, who have to deal with fewer deer to cause car accidents and yard damage.

Carolina Thread Trail

Midland has two important access areas to the Carolina Thread Trail network for hiking and canoeing or kayaking. You can walk along a 1.7-mile trail at the Pharr Family Preserve, which also has a launch for canoes or kayaks to access the Blueway portion of the trail network.

An additional location for hiking and rowing is Riverbend Farm Trail, which has a mile of surface trails and the most southerly launch point along the Rocky River.

Reed Gold Mine

History in the Carolinas runs deep. In fact, the country’s first gold discovery happened right in Midland at the Reed Gold Mine. Today, you can visit this mine for free and explore the mine through a self-guided tour. Additionally, you can discover gold yourself by panning for it for an extra fee. The surface of the area includes more than three miles of trails that have archaeological sites, historic buildings, and much more. If you haven’t been out to Reed Gold Mine, it’s a great chance to see how deeply local history goes.

What Makes Matthews Family Dentistry a Great Choice for a Dentist in Midland NC

Everyone needs regular dental care. At Matthews Family Dentistry, we’re here to provide it for you. Find out why we are a great choice for dental services for your whole family.

Preventative Dental Services

Good dental health starts with a base of preventive dental care at the dentist’s office and at home. Between visits to us at Matthews Family Dentistry, you need to take good care of keeping your teeth clean by brushing and flossing every day. Also, keep an eye on your teeth and gums for any signs of visible changes, discomfort, or pain. Visiting us as soon as you notice minor issues lets us treat the problem before it becomes severe.

At our office, we offer cleanings and checkups to ensure that our patients have healthy teeth and gums. With regular cleanings, you can prevent periodontal disease, which could result in lost teeth if not corrected.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you snore or have been told by a family member or partner that you do, you should make an appointment for a no-cost consultation with us at Matthews Family Dentistry. We can treat sleep apnea and snoring with an oral appliance that makes breathing at night easier. With dentists trained in the specialty field of Dental Sleep Medicine, our experts know exactly how to help you finally get the good night’s sleep you deserve.

Restorative Dental Services

Sometimes, your smile may need some additional treatment to correct cavities or missing teeth. These treatments fall under restorative dentistry, which focuses on getting your mouth back to a functional state. Our dentists can fit you with a bridge, implant, or dentures, or give you a filling, depending on the type of care you need.

Cosmetic Dental Services

While some cosmetic and restorative dental services overlap, such as implants, they are not the same. Cosmetic dental services include giving you the best-looking smile you can get through teeth whitening, Invisalign, or covering flaws with veneers. You won’t have to hide your smile anymore when you get great cosmetic care from us.

Make Matthews Family Dentistry Your First Choice for a Dentist in Midland NC

Don’t put off finding a source for great dental care. Contact us at Matthews Family Dentistry whether you need a problem addressed or just want regular checkups. We want to be your first choice when you need a dentist in Midland, NC. Come see how we can help your smile look great and be healthy.

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