Just a short distance from Charlotte, Waxhaw, NC, has a rich history as one of the oldest towns in Union. If you live here, you can see the influence of history throughout the community while still having access to all the modern amenities of suburban living.

One of those conveniences is the ability to reach great dentist in Waxhaw, NC, at Matthews Family Dentistry.

Great Things to Do in Waxhaw, NC

With such a long history and its current status as a thriving community, you'll never run short of ideas for things to do in the Waxhaw area. The following are some places you should visit, whether you're a town native or recently moved to the area:

Downtown Walking, Cycling, or Auto History Tour

If you want to learn more about Waxhaw and its history, the town has a self-guided tour on its website with a map of sites in downtown to see. Taking the tour gives you insight into how much the town has grown from its humble beginnings. You'll see existing buildings from the late 1800s that sit unchanged over the decades, such as the Duncan McDonald House and the Waxhaw United Methodist Church.

The tour also includes stops at locations that have changed significantly over time. One example of change is the Coffee Shop. The original building at this location served as a hotel and restaurant for African Americans in the 1920a and 1930s. It's a great way to renew your interest in Waxhaw, even if you've lived here your whole life. Another instance is the vacant lot on North Main Street that once housed the Rodman-Heath General Store, the owners of which later established the Cotton Mill.

Waxhaw S8 Park

Grab your skateboard and enjoy the many skateboarding ramps and more at Waxhaw S8 Park. This public facility does not allow freestyle bikes except during special events so that skateboarders will have the park to themselves. The park includes a bowl, ramps, decking, rails, quarter-pipe, and half-pipe for you to hone your skills or watch others skateboarding. Please note the park closes whenever the surfaces are wet to protect skateboarders from injury.

The Storefront Theater

Take in a show at The Storefront Theater, which features productions with the area's top professional and amateur talent. The minimalist shows don't use costumes, elaborate sets, or props, instead relying on the acting prowess of the performers to set the stage. Check out great actors, or try out for a play yourself. The theater is always looking for new talent to continue growing its company. Plays throughout the season vary in topic and length, so check the show schedule and find your favorite ones to see.

Find The Best Dentist in Waxhaw, NC, at Matthews Family Dentistry

While you may live close to historic sites and fun activities in Waxhaw, these activities are only part of what makes the town great. You also live near quality dentists who can help you to care for your teeth and gums and those of your family. At Matthews Family Dentistry, we want to offer you the dental services you and your family need to improve your dental health, maintain a great smile, and look your best.

Who We Are

We have a whole team of highly qualified dentists in our office to provide you with the care you need. All our dentists continue to improve their services by furthering their education in innovations in dentistry. By keeping up with changes in best practices and the latest tools available, our dentists can ensure that each patient has the best care they can give.

What We Do

Our team at Matthews Family Dentistry has varied skills to ensure that we provide a broad range of services for our patients. For instance, our founder, Dr. Kashyap, is a member of the National Association of Dental Sleep Medicine, which allows him to provide patients with snoring evaluations and treatments.

Other services we provide at our clinic include the following:

Our dentists' expertise and skills allow you to find these services and many more in one office.

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