Cosmetic dentistry aim is to get the perfect smile on your face. This branch of dentistry has solutions for your tooth related problems. If you have stained teeth, discolored teeth, broken teeth, unaligned teeth of wide gaps between your teeth. Then latest techniques of modern day cosmetic dentistry will surely act as your savior.

Matthews Family Dentistry deals in the all types of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Our doctors are well equipped and experienced in the field of cosmetic dental treatment.

Teeth whitening is a simple and cost effective way to improve your smile. Also called as teeth bleaching.  This procedure helps to whiten and brighten your teeth. This removing stains or discoloration from your teeth.

Dental bonding is another cosmetic procedure. In this a tooth colored materials are bonded with the tooth. This procedure is done for chipped or broken teeth.

Veneers are thin shells made of ceramic and porcelain material.  These are cemented to the front of the teeth. This treatment is helpful in case of cracked, chipped or broken teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is on the rise these days. And people are gaining maximum benefits from this branch of dentistry. So, wait no more and book your appointment today. Our doctors would love to help you in exploring cosmetic dental options to brighten up your smile.

Dental Bonding

Cosmetic bonding is a process where the dentist attaches or “bonds” materials directly to your tooth in order to change the color and shape. The natural tooth enamel is then fused together with bonding materials such as porcelain and resins to create a strong structure that still feels like your original tooth.

While it can be used for different purposes, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, tooth bonding is most useful for repairing chipped teeth. That’s because the bonding materials and porcelain used are natural in color, and allows for a finished product that closely matches your surrounding teeth.


Tooth veneers are a very thin shield of ceramic or poly-ceramic material placed on the facial surface of a tooth. Think of it similar to how a false fingernail works. Dental veneers are a very conservative approach to cosmetic dentistry, as the need to reduce or reshape natural tooth structure is minimal, but can have a very dramatic improvement in your smile. Its like getting a brand new smile.

Veneers are thin, custom-made shells crafted of tooth-colored materials designed to cover the front side of teeth. They are an option for correcting stained, chipped, decayed or crooked teeth. Veneers are made by a dental technician, usually in a dental lab, working from a model provided by your dentist.

Placing veneers is usually an irreversible process, because it's necessary to remove a small amount of enamel from your tooth to accommodate the shell. Your dentist may recommend that you avoid some foods and beverages that may stain or discolor your veneers such as coffee, tea or red wine. Sometimes a veneer might chip or fracture. But for many people the results are more than worth it.


Brushing and flossing are everyday ways to keep your teeth bright, white and healthy. Still, if you might feel like your smile is lacking some sparkle or is more yellow than it used to be, you’re not alone. When the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry asked people what they’d most like to improve about their smile, the most common response was whiter teeth. The American Association of Orthodontists also found that nearly 90% of patients requested tooth whitening.

Teeth whitening is a simple process. Whitening products contain one of two tooth bleaches (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide). These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter.

Peroxide-containing whiteners actually bleach the tooth enamel. We supply you with a whitening gel that is placed in a tray that is custom molded to fit on your teeth. When worn daily you can begin to see results in as short as a week, and you may also use for touch ups later on.

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