Our Doctors will prepare a treatment plan for you, which reflects the best immediate, as well as long term, treatment approach to support your dental health. In certain cases, it may be appropriate for us to create an appointment plan that suits your financial needs in terms of payment for services. Your appointment plan will help you schedule procedures in an organized and practical manner.

The total investment remains the responsibility of the patient or their guarantor. Insurance is a method of payment, not a method of treatment and is designed to assist patients to achieve their various oral health goals.

From time to time, circumstances will dictate that the Doctor modifies the original treatment plan. He will inform you of any needed changes as well as the reason. You are encouraged to ask questions in order to make an informed decision.

Before treatment, we will estimate the total fees for services, estimated insurance coverage, and estimated patient responsibility.

A Chair Deposit is used to hold your reservation since the Doctor’s time will be reserved specifically for you. This amount will be credited toward the total cost of your treatment. We ask you to give us two business days’ notice to avoid forfeiture of this deposit.

We are more than happy to help you maximize any insurance benefits. Your employer has a contract with the insurance company that determines the amount they will pay for each procedure. Any difference between this amount and our fee will be your responsibility.

We offer our patients multiple payment options

Pre-payment Courtesy Plan for Cash

For amounts due over $1,000 paid in full by cash or certified check, we gladly extend a 5% courtesy adjustment for payment in full prior to the start of treatment.

50/50 Plan or Pay as you Go

If you prefer, and your treatment plan consists of multiple treatment items, you can also pay for your portion for services as they are rendered. For certain procedures that require multiple visits, your portion may be split 50/50 from the time they are started until the time they are completed. The treatment coordinator will, at your request, let you know if any procedures qualify.

Extended Monthly Payment Plan

You may determine a comfortable monthly payment amount and select the number of months you wish to make payments (6-12 months) when your amount owed is over $200.00. This plan is provided by a third-party company, such as Care Credit, with approval and rate based on credit history. If you qualify, you could obtain interest-free financing and pay monthly on a 6-month or 12-month plan. If your owed amount is over $1,000.00, longer term payment plans are also available.

In-Office Payment Plan Option - Automatic Credit Card Payments

This option is available to eligible patients. If you are interested in this, please enquire when receiving your treatment plan and estimates.

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For New Patients, Treatments and Cleanings

At our dental practice, we are committed to making affordable dental services available to all of our patients. We understand that many people need an affordable dentist to preserve their dental health which is why offer easy payment options options to make the cost of care less of a burden. We have a number of easy payment options, dental discount programs, and special savings offers so you are certain to find an option that’s right for your needs and budget. If you have been searching for affordable quality dental care, contact us at Matthews Family Dentistry to a set an appointment today.

Matthews Family Dentistry offers different payment options:
1. Pre-payment Courtesy Plan for Cash
2. 50/50 Plan or Pay as you Go
3. Extended Monthly Payment Plan
4. In-Office Payment Plan Option – Automatic Credit Card Payments