You have many options if you want to replace missing teeth. While traditional dentures are one possibility, you can also opt for an implant-supported overdenture. Depending on your lifestyle, you may find this option will become a better fit. The only way to know is to talk to one of our dentists at Matthews Family Dentistry.

What Is an Implant-Supported Overdenture?

Implant-supported overdentures provide you with a restorative solution for replacing a full set of missing teeth. These overdentures give you a more comfortable, natural-looking smile compared to traditional dentures. The secret lies in the support the overdentures get from well-positioned implants.

Instead of removable dentures that use adhesive to stay in place, overdentures have support from two to four implants, depending on the location of the overdenture. Upper teeth usually require a minimum of four implants to ensure the stability and security of the overdenture, while the lower teeth may only need two implants.

The implants firmly snap into the dentures without the need to use adhesives. Plus, since the overdenture snaps into position, it does not move even when eating or talking.

Getting implant-supported overdentures requires a surgical procedure to place the implants. You may get a temporary denture the day of your implant surgery and a final version after your healing process completes.

Benefits of an Overdenture

Getting an implant-supported overdenture is a much better option for many patients than standard dentures. Because the implants fit into the jaw, they promote bone retention. In contrast, traditional dentures may cause bone loss over time, resulting in changes to the face and the need for replacing the dentures. The longer you wear traditional dentures, the looser they usually get.

Another perk of getting an implant overdenture is its stability in the mouth. Overdentures give you better biting strength than dentures, so you can eat what you want without worrying about your dentures moving or falling out. You’ll have fewer restrictions to your diet. Therefore, you can more easily maintain good nutrition by continuing to incorporate meats, fresh fruits and vegetables into your eating plan.

Caring for Your Implant Supported Overdenture

When you get an overdenture, you will still need to care for the fixture. Just as you would take out regular dentures, you should also remove an overdenture at night to reduce bacterial growth.

For cleaning, don’t use denture cleaning products more than once a week to protect the structure of the overdenture.

Even if you have all your teeth replaced with overdentures, you still need to make regular dental appointments. At these appointments, we can replace the attachments in your overdentures to maintain good retention, ensure your overdentures keep their fit, perform regular oral cancer screenings and provide you with additional help such as treating sleep apnea.

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