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Though a suburb of Charlotte, North Carolina, Monroe has plenty of things to draw people to this town. At Matthews Family Dentistry, we provide the town’s residents with the best dentist in Monroe, NC. We love sharing with our patients and others why we love Monroe and the surrounding area. Check out our recommendations to discover more about your hometown and what makes it a fun, exciting place to live.

What Makes Monroe Special

Monroe, North Carolina, has a special place in the hearts of those who live there and those who love beer, wine, golf, shopping, and other recreational activities. You’ll find venues for these past times and many more things to do in the area. The following are among our favorites:

Sweet Union Flea Market

You’ll never know what you’ll discover when you shop at the Sweet Union Flea Market, the Charlotte area’s largest market. There are indoor and outdoor shopping areas with more than 300 vendors. This market is only open on weekends, but admission is free. You could easily spend all day browsing the booths and uncover rare finds from various sellers. If you get hungry, there are multiple food trucks and an indoor restaurant on-site to sate any craving you have.

Treehouse Vineyards

Enjoy live events, treehouse rentals, and much more at Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe. Once a farm, today, this site is a destination for many to host weddings and parties in the treehouses around the vineyards. Don’t miss the live public events that include musical performers, trivia, murder mysteries, crafting classes, etc.

Southern Range Brewing

If you love craft beer, you must make a stop at Southern Range Brewing in downtown Monroe. It was the first craft brewery in town and remained one of the top destinations for area beer lovers. Stop by the tap room to sample any of the 16 on-tap brews and attend live events. This is a great spot in Monroe to come and relax with a creative brew.

Stonebridge Golf Club

Monroe is home to the Stonebridge Golf Club, dubbed the “Friendliest course around.” Full of southern charm and 18 holes of championship-level play, golf lovers from around North Carolina flock to this course. What makes this course a must-play site is its design. Course designer Richard Osbourne used the terrain to uncover the natural hole arrangement already within the landscape. With scenic views and a forested location, Stonebridge Golf Club creates a unique golfing game you must experience for yourself.

When You Demand the Best Dentist in Monroe NC

While Monroe has fun things to do, eventually, you will need services to care for your health and appearance. Our dentists at Matthews Family Dentistry offer everything from preventative to cosmetic care to help our patients achieve their ideal smiles. Learn more about why we think each of our doctors ranks as the best dentist in Monroe, NC.

Preventative Dental Care

Preventative dental care is the heart of all dental services. This type of care includes regular cleanings, x-rays, and exams. By keeping up with preventive care, you can avoid the need for restorative care due to decay. All our dentists provide caring, expert treatment during exams and any additional procedures patients may need.

Snoring Treatment

Sleep dentistry is an entire field of specialization that helps treat patients with sleep apnea that can cause snoring. If you snore, we can help. Schedule a consultation to see if you have sleep apnea and how our dental sleep specialists can help you get a better night’s sleep through snoring treatment.

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative dentistry includes everything from fillings to dentures. This type of dental care gives patients the fixtures, treatments, or appliances to have a complete smile that functions properly. If you have missing teeth, dental decay, or chipped teeth, you may need our restorative dental services.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dental services give patients healthy smiles and better-looking teeth. Sometimes, you can have a healthy set of teeth and gums but still, have cosmetic issues. Our cosmetic dentistry services include Invisalign clear aligners to correct bite problems, whitening to brighten teeth, and smile makeovers to give you several treatments for the best results.

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When you need exceptional dental care for yourself or anyone in your family, contact us at Matthews Family Dentistry. We have top-quality care, friendly doctors, and the services you need for a great smile. Make us your choice of dentist in Monroe, NC.

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