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Charlotte has a lot to offer. The city and its surrounding area boast numerous activities, events, services, etc. Whether you have arrived in the city or lived here for decades, you can always find something new. However, our team at Matthews Family Dentistry is here for you if you’re seeking a top dentist in Charlotte, NC.

Great Things to Do in Charlotte

Check out some of the best things about Charlotte below:


If you love thrill rides, don’t miss a trip to Carowinds. This amusement park includes 14 roller coasters and a kids’ area with Peanuts characters. This family-friendly attraction is a great place for visitors and residents. A perk of living in the area is the ability to make the most of a season pass. If thrill rides and fun are your favorite things, add Carowinds to your rotation of places to visit in the Charlotte area.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art gives visitors a unique chance to see examples of modern art from the mid-20th century that the Bechtler family privately held in Switzerland until 2010. The museum also brings in special exhibits and features programs to draw attention to other art forms and the museum. Jazz, music, and film have been topics of previous museum events. Even if you don’t think you like modern art, you may change your mind after visiting this exquisite collection in Charlotte.

Reed Gold Mine

For something completely different, why not visit a gold mine? The Reed Gold Mine is just a short drive to the east of Charlotte. This historic site was the first place where gold was found in the United States. It brought a gold mining economy to North Carolina, which remained the top producer until the California Gold Rush in 1848. A trip to this mine is free, but if you want to take a guided tour of the mine or pan for gold, you will pay extra. The experience of visiting this site is one that you won’t forget, and it touches on an interesting part of local history that few know about.

A Top Dentist in Charlotte NC

At Matthews Family Dentistry, we have a team of doctors who can provide you with the services of a top dentist in Charlotte, NC. Find out more about what we do and how we can help you get a great smile, even if you don’t have insurance.

What We Do at Matthews Family Dentistry

At Matthews Family Dentistry, we provide dental services for the entire family. Of course, you can visit us for your regular checkups and cleanings, but our dentists can provide more services beyond those.

For instance, if you have problems grinding your teeth at night, we can fit you with a customized night guard to protect your teeth from wear and your jaw from pain. However, teeth grinding isn’t the only dental problem that impacts sleep. We also have treatment options for sleep apnea, which is something few dentists offer.

If you want to make your smile look better, we have cosmetic dental services, including a whole Smile Makeover or individual services such as Invisalign or whitening.

During a visit, if the dentist notices a problem, such as a cavity or missing teeth, you can get restorative dental services, including fillings, bridges, implants, and dentures to fix your smile.

No Insurance? No Problem with Our Membership Plan

We appreciate that not all patients have dental insurance. Therefore, we offer a membership plan that allows you to pay a single low price each month and get great dental services all year long. The money you save on dental exams, x-rays, and cleanings more than makes up for the initial signup fee. Plus, you get 15% off other services you may need. If you have kids, we even have a pediatric plan. We want to help you afford the dental care you need to have a healthy smile.

Contact Us Today to Schedule Your Visit with a Top Dentist in Charlotte NC

Don’t waste time searching for a great dentist. Contact us today at Matthews Family Dentistry. Our wide range of services ensures that you don’t have to go all over town for various dental procedures. We can help improve your health and the appearance of your smile. Why not make us your primary care dental office?

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