With its long history of settlement, people have brought their past times to the Weddington, NC area. At Matthews Family Dentistry, we love highlighting what makes our patients’ hometowns great. This guide to Weddington activities is one-way to help our patients smile. The other method is serving as a great dentist in Weddington, NC, and offering services that give our patients reasons to grin.

What to Do in and Around Weddington NC

How much do you know about your hometown of Weddington, North Carolina? This small town of just under 10,000 residents has a long history, with people occupying the area for hundreds of years. Technically, though, the town has only been incorporated since 1983. You’ll find several activities for yourself and your family, especially active recreation. Check out the following if you live in Weddington:

Wesley Chapel-Weddington Athletic Association

Located within Optimist Park, the Wesley Chapel-Weddington Athletic Association (WCWAA) hosts innumerable youth sports leagues and events throughout the year. If you want to get your kids into team sports, sign up for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, or football recreational leagues through WCWAA. Your kids will have the fun of sports while you get to watch games during the playing seasons.

Weddington Fitness and Community Center

Get fit and build strong connections with your Weddington Fitness and Community Center neighbors. The center offers several fitness classes, including yoga, CrossFit, mobility, Olympic lifting, and teen girl strength and conditioning. You will also find intro classes and events for free to give you a chance to try out the amenities of this health center.

Weddington Downtown Park and Plaza Events

The town of Weddington does a lot to encourage its residents to get out and meet each other. The Downtown Park and Plaza site host several of these throughout the year. For example, Fridays in May, food trucks gather in the evenings in the plaza with live music for Food Truck Fridays. June featured a free movie night on the plaza with a family-friendly film showing. Check out the town’s calendar for more family fun events at this central location.

Finding a Great Dentist in Weddington NC

With as much as there is to do for families in Weddington, you should not forget good physical care. Part of that care is finding a dentist in Weddington, NC, whom you can trust. Give us at Matthews Family Dentistry the opportunity to be that dentist. We have a full team of dentists to serve the variety of needs families have and to help everyone have pride-worthy smiles. Our dental care offerings include the following:

Keeping Smiles Healthy

We help keep teeth and gums healthy by providing our patients with preventative dental services. These are the things that most people associate dental visits with – x-rays, exams, and cleanings. Many of our patients only visit our clinic for these services. By maintaining regular preventative care, they can often protect their smiles against the decay that could put them at risk of losing a tooth, needing a root canal, or needing a filling.

Fixing Damaged Smiles

The teeth may need some repairs to restore their ability to help you chew and talk. You can keep your smile with restorative dentistry by avoiding extractions or having missing teeth replaced with dental fixtures, such as bridges or dentures.

We also provide dental implants to replace single missing teeth or serve as attachment sites for dentures or bridges. You can replace missing teeth with implant-supported fixtures without worrying about your dentures coming loose or feeling unnatural. Plus, the implants support natural bone growth, reducing the chances of bone loss over time that often occurs around missing teeth.

Making Smiles Look Great

You may have healthy gums and teeth but may not like how it looks. Our cosmetic dental care services let you get the photogenic smile you desire through whitening, Invisalign aligners, veneers, or bonding. If you have multiple concerns, ask one of our dentists about a complete smile makeover that combines several treatments to help you get the perfect smile.

Visit Matthews Family Dentistry When You Want a Dentist in Weddington, NC

Your dental health and appearance matter. At Matthews Family Dentistry, we can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile through our dental services. Contact our office today if you want to make appointments or for more information. We want to become your partner in dental health. Make us your family’s dentist in Weddington, NC.

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