Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel

Dr. Patel was born in the Fiji Islands and moved to Charlotte, NC, in 1986, at the age of 10. Although the move to the United States initially presented a challenge, Dr. Patel has never looked back. He has embraced all the opportunities this country offers and never looked behind. Dr. Patel and his wife Shalini were married in 2000. They have two beautiful children, Jaya and Jaidan. He spends his spare time golfing, traveling, eating new foods, watching movies, and doing outdoor activities with his wife.

Dr. Patel founded Matthews Family Dentistry with Dr. Vivek Kahyap in 2003. Together, they have built a dental practice that is committed to the highest quality dental care. In the last 14 years, Dr. Patel gained a wealth of knowledge about all phases of dental practice operation and clinical operations. This has allowed him to continue providing Matthews Family Dentistry with a transparent and exceptional experience for all patients. He is not only concerned with the highest level of technical excellence, but also with patient comfort, mutual respect, and trust. Dr. Patel is interested in all aspects of clinical care but his main focus has been on implant dentistry and full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation.

He loves to spend endless hours in clinical education outside of his clinical practice, to stay up-to-date on the latest techniques and to incorporate them into clinical practice.

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