Dr. Barrero

Dr. Barrero

Dr. Barrero

Dr. Barlan Barrero was born and raised in South Florida by Cuban immigrants. He completed his undergraduate studies in Miami, FL, at Florida International University. In 2008, he married Michele, a Colombian-Irish woman, and in 2011, he moved to the Dominican Republic with his sassy dog Lola, to earn his first dental degree. They welcomed Lucas and Maddox into their family while abroad. He lived in Brooklyn, NY while he was applying for International Dental Programs. While there, he worked as a Maths, Science, and Bible teacher at a Christian Academy, as well as as a Dental Assistant in the historic Chrysler Building. Dr. Barrero is a graduate of the Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been working as an associate dentist in Charlotte, where he wants to establish roots.

The Barrero family enjoys the outdoors, especially mountain getaways. He is a dedicated father and husband who enjoys spending his spare time with family and friends. His family roots are firmly rooted in Queen City. He is looking forward to networking and evolving within his field.

Dr. Barrero believes that dentistry is much more than a set of actions or a passion for the profession. It is about building relationships and maintaining them with his patients and community. His approach as a generalist is conservative, and he thrives on anatomical integrity. He strives to mimic the natural world as much as he can both esthetically as well as functionally.

July 21, 2023
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